Rubbish Collection Melbourne

Is your council supplied bin too small to meet your needs or do you have additional waste needs, Craigs Rubbish Collection is an extra bin or bag collection service.
Unlike skip bins, our wheelie bins or bags can be placed where you need them, no need to lug your waste onto the street and find that the neighbourhood has also taken advantage of your skip.
Servicing both business and homes, our drivers collect and move the bags or bins for you. Compared to skip bins, the bins or bags are more cost effective.

Rubbish Bags and Bins, collected from only $15.50

Accepted Waste

Not Accepted

Green Waste


House Hold Rubbish

Car Batteries

Non Hazadous
Commercial Waste

Paint, Oils or

Hard Rubbish

Hazadous Waste

Paper and

Bricks, Concrete,
Rocks, Soil or Sand

Bottles or
Empty paint tins

Excessively heavy
From $26* per collection
Approximately the same as
a level 6x4 trailer
From $15.50*per collection

*One off or at call collections subject to surcharge
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Rubbish Bag and Bin Collection service, servicing Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs.