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Rubbish Bags Vs Skip Bins

The rubbish bag service is a convienient service where the bags can be placed just about anywhere. A huge 500ltr capacity is equivilent to half a cubic metre or about a 6 x 4 trailer load. The bags are handy for both business and at home. Used by renovators, builders, factories, gardeners, they can be used just about anywhere.
No charge for the length of time you have the bags, in other words you can spend a couple of weekends or longer to fill the bags.

Bags are the cost effective alternative to Skip Bins 

Skip bins 
Need space to place the bin 
Costs of Skip Bin*
Cost Compared to Bags 
Place anywhere 
Open for others to place waste into bin 
2 Cubic Mtrs= $220 Same Volume as 4 Bags at $26 Each= Only $104 (Save $116)
4 Cubic Mtrs= $415 Same Volume as 8 Bags at $26 Each= Only $208 (Save $207)
6 Cubic Mtrs= $625 Same volume as 12 Bags at $26 EachOnly $312 (Save $313)
*Based on average price quoted by three local skip bin providers based on 14 days hire. Prices as at 10th June 2015.
**Not available to all areas & subject to site access.
Can be placed in secure locations, indoors or outdoors 
Need to estimate size before the job 
You only pay for the bags filled 
Time Limit - most charge based on how long you hold the bin
No time limit - no charge for length of time.
May require local council permit- extra $$$$$
No permit required 

Get rid of your rubbish the easy way

The bags can easily be placed next to where the job is being done, no need to double handle the waste or cart it to another location. You can have mulitiple bags placed around your location and our driver will collect it for you. If you have more waste than bags or items too big to place into the bag, just place the rubbish neatly beside the bag to be collected and we will take it away for you and charge based on the size, its as easy as that.
If you prefer to use the wheelie bin, they are about half the size of the bags. We can supply wheelie bins, or you can use your own.
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