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Collecting most types of Rubbish

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or on call waste collection service. We collect most types of rubbish.
Accepted Waste 


Not Accepted

Green Waste 


House Hold Rubbish 

Car Batteries 

Non Hazadous
Commercial Waste 

Paint, Oils or Liquids 

Hard Rubbish 

Hazadous Waste 

Paper and Cardboard 

Bricks, Concrete,
Rocks, Soil or Sand 

Bottles or
Empty paint tins

Excessively heavy


Collecting Rubbish from both Residential and Commercial Properties

Ideal as a back up to your current household rubbish collection. If the rubbish won't fit in the bag or bin, simply place it  by the bag and call us to let us know what needs collecting. In some cases our driver may be able to collect the bag or bin from your yard*
Council collections for offices and factories are often non existant or in many cases restrictive on the waste they will collect.  We accept most workplace and commercial waste. Our drivers may also be able to collect the bags or bins from within your workplace*, saving you the need to have staff move them onto the street minimising the risk of vandilsm or mess.
*Not available to all areas and subject to site inspection.
 Our customers include: Accountants, Butchers, Doctors, Dentists, Furniture Manufacturers, Kindergardens, Signwriters, Vets and many more industries.
Some comments by our Customers:
Alem - Melbourne Signs  www.melbournesigns.com.au
We have been using Craig's Rubbish Collection for a couple of years now and I highly recommend the service. The pickups are always ontime and very cost effective. It has been the best value service we have used. The driver even picks up the bags from within our factory saving Melbourne Signs staff costs associate in emptying bins etc.
Christine - Boronia
Hi Craig, thankyou for a great service, previously when we did the clean up we hired a skip bin only to find the skip filled with rubbish that did not belong to us. Thankyou for collecting the bags from my yard, hubby was happy he didn't have to carry the rubbish all the way out front. Thanks again, Christine.
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